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Norbergfestival Radio

Co-ordinating the radio station at the 21st edition of Norbergfestival


Norbergfestival is a 22-year running festival, held on the abandoned iron mine site of Mimerlaven in Norberg, Sweden.

In the summer of 2022 I co-ordinated the radio station as part of the Festival. Broadcasting online and on FM in the Norberg area the programme featured radio dramas, interviews with artists including: Moonilena; SØS Gunver Ryberg; Tianzhuo Chen, volunteers and the attending festival guests, a collaboration with Mimerlaven's legendary 40 secs of pure reverb, and the return of the famous 8-minute bonanza.

For the second day of broadcasting, Malmö based community radio station Retreat Radio took over the orb. Programming the likes of Himera, Ryong and Lulu.

Housed inside a transparent bubble with a capsule like entrance ritual, the studio conditions were particularly challenging. However they proved rewarding in the visibility the radio had on the festival grounds.

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